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“Maybe You Won’t Need Insulin!”

(Part 1) Recently (5-18-13) I posted the case of MJ, the 56-year-old salesman with type 2 diabetes for 3 years, now on 3 different oral diabetes medicines,whose diabetes is uncontrolled and who does not want to start on insulin. MJ’s primary care doctor told MJ that he would “leave it up to whatever the endocrinologist says.” So MJ came to see me. In talking […]


Doctor, I Don’t Want to Go on Insulin!

  Case Study   Patient MJ is a 56 year old man, a salesman, who was officially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago. He does a lot of traveling for his job and his days are filled with long meetings and many conferences. Many days his hours are long and his eating schedule is variable. He attempts to […]